Blue Kyanite Sterling Silver Pendant
  • Blue Kyanite Sterling Silver Pendant

    Blue Kyanite Sterling Silver Pendant on 18" chain.
    Blue Kyanite is one of the four powerful kyanite stones. Aiding in the stimulation and balance of all chakras (especially Throat and Third Eye), this stone can assist one in improving psychic abilities such as telepathic communication and lucid dreaming. This multi-dimensional stone uniquely merges our astral bodies with our physical bodies, allowing us to tap into our higher guidance, intuition and highest purpose.
    Kyanite is said to never accumulate or retain negative energies making it of the very few stones that requires NO clearing/cleansing. Due to this attribute, kyanite may be used to cleanse and clear other gems and crystals. Kyanite is fairly durable, but compared with many other gemstones, it is a little fragile. Like diamond and topaz, kyanite has perfect cleavage that can cause the stone to split with a single hard knock or blow. It is softer than diamond, sapphire, spinel and many other popular gems, so it's best to not mix kyanite with other types of gemstones in order to prevent scratches and fractures. 
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