Irie Hypersthene Choker
  • Irie Hypersthene Choker

    Jamaican Rasta inspired colors Black-Red-Green-Yellow fill this choker using Black Onyx & Tourmaline, Red Candy Jade, Yellow Quartzite and Green Aventurine with a center piece of Hypersthene wrapped in Brass.
    Its name is from a Greek word meaning "over strength," referring to its hardness. It is usually brown, green or gray with vitreous to pearly luster and displays a brilliant coppery metallic surface sheen.
    Considered a protective stone, hypersthene helps create calmness and quietness within the mind of the wearer. According to metaphysical beliefs, hypersthene grounds us in an attempt to shield from hectic stimuli.
    Hypersthene is a potent life talisman that promotes self-love & satisfaction, independence, strength, and endurance.
    ⚒ Handmade with ❤️ in Maryland 🇺🇸
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