Titanium Aura Quartz on Brass
  • Titanium Aura Quartz on Brass

    A beautiful Titanium Aura Quartz wrapped in Brass.
    Titanium Aura Quartz
    Also known as The Stone of Universal Light, Titanium Aura Quartz is a high vibrational stone. This stone activates and balances all of the seven major chakras. Titanium Aura is a form of Quartz combined with titanium (the metal of power) by bonding titanium oxide onto its surface.
    Titanium Quartz is believed to clear a pathway for vital life force to flow. It helps in energizing and enlivening all the chakras. Thus, by wearing one of these stones it can help to make us feel more grounded, centred and energized. ... Titanium Quartz also helps to make us more confident, self aware and focused.
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