Unakite Copper Bracelet
  • Unakite Copper Bracelet

    Unakite Copper Bracelet
    Unakite has a special connection with one’s heart and aids in the deeper understanding of their emotional body. Simply meditating with this stone will help push out those “dead weight” feelings we continue to carry with us.
    A powerful transformation talisman that is here to not only strengthen your heart, but also bridge the gap where new opportunities await.
    Due to Unakite having Epidote in it, this mineral is a natural enhancer of any emotion or vibration that is placed around it. For example, if one is experiencing a bad day and is carrying a piece of Unakite on them, it is recommended to place it aside for the time being and start fresh with it the next day.
    Size: Medium
    ⚒ Handmade with ❤️ in Maryland 🇺🇸
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